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Reversible Abortion - A Myth:

Many believe that once abortion pills are taken, they can reverse the procedure and still maintain a healthy pregnancy, without difficulties. However, this is untrue. We advise women to continue the medication procedure, if they have already utilized Mifepristone and Misoprostol or they will suffer from following effects.

Complications: Non-stop bleeding and abdominal pain. Either follow the dosage or get surgical intervention, if medicines are delayed for long. Some women can ultimately die from trauma and internal bleeding.
Fetal Malformations: If pregnancy is continued, and womanís health is unaffected, the child born may have few birth defects, and missing body parts.
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Buy MTP abortion kits for sale...

MTP Kit is for a woman seeking abortion, who is less than 70 days pregnant, taking MTP Kit medication is the best. You may check our PREGNANCY CALCULATOR if required. The kit consists of Mifepristone and Misoprostol (Cytolog) used in combination to successfully terminate an early pregnancy. The kit has 4 Misoprostol pills, and 1 Mifepristone tablet, the later is primary medicine. Females can buy MTP Kit online to perform the pregnancy ending in home on own. The medications from this kit are FDA approved, and quickly cause dispel of pregnancy parts in non-invasive method of abortion.
MTP Kit contains 1 tablet of mifepristone 200 mg to be given orally and 4 tablets of 200 mcg misoprostol to be given vaginally for the medical termination of pregnancy up to 63 days (9 weeks). This kit has been developed in accordance with guidelines issued by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, UK.
Buy Abortion Pill Pack Online...

An abortion pill pack introduces end to unplanned pregnancies. Women can opt for this medical method to terminate pregnancy, if they are between 10 weeks pregnant. The kit includes two main medications, Mifepristone and Misoprostol to empty pregnancy parts from womb. The pack also has three types of medicines (blood coagulant, antiemetic, and anti-inflammatory) that suppress the side effects. There is no surgical participation or visitation to doctor required, if woman wishes to cease pregnancy using Abortion Pill Pack online.
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2 Pack=$500

3 Pack=$600
Abortion Pill Pack- Working:
Stops progesterone hormone from helping pregnancy parts grow, widens cervix, and dispels fetus from endometrial lining. Oxygen and nutrition cuts out to fetus. Pregnancy sections loosen. The uterus line holding unborn breaks, and bleeding and cramping may begin.
Misoprostol: This prostaglandin analogue medication leads to womb contractions. The pills assist expelling of pregnancy contents from uterus. These also accelerate mechanism of Mifepristone, making uterine contractions stronger. Misoprostol evicts fetal remains finally with heavy bleeding and blood clots from vagina.
Buy Cytolog Online...

Cytolog is a validated medicine used for early abortion in women less than 10 weeks pregnancy. It is a medication to remove pregnancy sections from uterus, which requires no utilization of surgery or anesthesia. Its ingredient, Misoprostol is FDA approved for pregnancy ending within 10 weeks, which gives females overwhelming privacy and comfort to do the regimen in home. Here are the important details you must know about the product, before you buy Cytolog online.
Dosage Needed
You need to buy Cytolog 4 tablets for causing complete abortion. Each pill is of 200mcg and these pills must be put in the cheek pouches 2x2 in each side. Swallow dissolved components after 30 minutes.
Cytolog, being secondary medicine used after 24 to 48 hours of Mifepristone/Mifeprex intake, it forms a vital part of ousting the pregnancy contents from vagina.
Another method of administration is vaginal insertion of abortion pills.
Note: If you are counting your pregnancy from the last menstrual cycle, then the gestational period allowed for abortion is 12 weeks. Whereas, if you are counting only official gestation time, then it is 10 weeks.
Buy Misoprostol Online...

Today, women mostly depend on using abortion pills for ending a pregnancy. Clinically, Misoprostol abortion pills are efficient in ceasing a pregnancy between 10 weeks gestation. The Misoprostol online price is negligible when it is compared to expense one does on healthcare visits or surgery. The tablet is 95 percent times successful, when combined with Mifepristone. Women can buy Misoprostol online for causing safe pregnancy termination in home.

What are the Dosage Methods?
There are two ways of ingesting or using Misoprostol. The most preferred and efficient method is oral, but many may buy Misoprostol online and utilize the tablets vaginally.
Oral: Take (200mcg each) 4 tablets buccally (in cheek pouches) and let these dissolve for 30 minutes before swallowing.
Vaginal Misoprostol Alone: Insert 4 abortion pills deep inside vagina so as it is close to the womb. The insertion must be done with fingers. To avoid infections and injury do not use any tools. The medicines melt in few days, or hours. If there are few non-dissolved bits left, then visit a healthcare professional.
Buy Mifepristone Online...

Mifepristone abortion pill is one of the first medicines approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the U.S. for causing early pregnancy termination. It has now been in use more than 15 years, allowing millions of femalesí worldwide, an access to noninvasive and effective method to end pregnancy from home. If you buy Mifepristone online, there is no need to visit a hospital to get surgical procedure for removing the fetus. However, this medication works only if you are less than 10 weeks pregnant. Buy Mifepristone online and use carefully as indicated.
Buy Mifeprex Online...

Mifeprex is abortion pill used to stop progesterone hormone from growing pregnancy. The medicine stops pregnancy and prepares women for abortion. It is a branded medication, approved by the FDA with generic name Mifepristone. Women can buy Mifeprex online at affordable cost from us and settle in home for the procedure. No surgeon, anesthesia, invasive method needed. Wholesome privacy and safety is guaranteed. Women buy Mifeprex online as efficacy rate of these pills are 95-98%.
What are the Side Effects?
Most users do not experience any side effects to Mifeprex. Some who do, face slight nausea, cramping, and dizziness. It is when Misoprostol is taken, heavy bleeding begins and cramping increase to cause fetus expelling. Know about the side effects before you buy Mifeprex online.
When you Must Not Use Mifeprex?
Some females must not take Mifeprex. Here are few instances, when abortion pills must be avoided.

Buy Generic RU486 Online...

The abortion pill Generic RU486 was first approved and used in France, where it is also known as Mifegyne. It is taken in medication course of pregnancy termination with prostaglandin tablets, and many buy RU 486 online. Until now, more than 500,000 females have used this medicine over than last twenty years. Several clinical studies have found this abortifacient beneficial. Females in more than 20 countries, including Spain, Britain, France, U.S., former Soviet Union, and Scandinavia have reported successful medical pregnancy endings with this pill.

Women buy Generic RU486 online, anti-progesterone tablet to terminate pregnancy at home.The person does not need attention of surgeon, use of anesthesia or surgical tools to extract the pregnancy parts from the body. The Generic RU486 cost is minimal at our store, which every individual can afford. The woman has to be 18 years above to purchase abortion pill online, and will get the product delivered to her address.
Important Information
The findings from a research led by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development depict that abortion pills are not threatening to future pregnancies. The medications are completely safe, thus females buy Generic RU486 online. The drug neither increases risks to preterm birth, lower birth weight in newborn, miscarriage, and tubal pregnancy, nor affects womanís health in any negative way. The Generic RU486 cost from internet pharmacy is always lower than other sources, so mostly women can buy Generic RU486 online from us.
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When Not to Take Misoprostol?
It is not safe to buy Misoprostol online in case the woman is suffering from adrenal gland problems, heart disease, liver/uterus/kidney disorder, ectopic pregnant, allergic to abortion pill. Also, do not buy Misoprostol online if over 10 weeks pregnant, uses blood thinning treatment, over 35 years of age, has bleeding problems, and other contraindicating disorders.
4 Pills =$150

8 Pills =$230

12 Pills=$380

Mifepristone: Precautions, Care Tips and More
There are few care/safety tips, contraindications, and precautions to direct you on effective functioning of abortion pills.
-Avoid purchasing Mifepristone online to cease pregnancy, if you are allergic to the abortion pills, have ectopic pregnancy, more than 35 years of age, and suffer from kidney/adrenal gland/heart/liver disorders.
-Do not breastfeed, engage in physical work or lift heavy objects/sports, use interacting drugs, douche or have intercourse, or insert tampons.
-After Mifepristone abortion, gap the next pregnancy at least by 3 months, and do not have sex for 14 days after the pregnancy ending.
-In case of complications, visit emergency care. Do not continue an incomplete pregnancy. Get it removed by surgery if Mifepristone abortion pill fails.
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What is the Dosage?
For abortion, it is necessary to buy Mifeprex online one tablet 200mg strength. The pill needs to be consumed orally with water. ou need to start with this medicine on first day of pregnancy termination. Then after two or three days, proceed with buccal(cheek pouches) intake of Cytolog or Misoprostol pills for complete pregnancy ending.
3 Pills =$200

6 Pills =$350

9 Pills=$460
1 Pills =$200

2 Pills =$350

3 Pills=$460
Abortion Pills Online
Pregnancy care is widely disputed around the world, but here women will receive a free access to medical pregnancy termination information, and buy abortion pill at cheap cost. Today, most of the regions have holistic healthcare for women in place. But still many regions are without appropriate health facilities. We are an internet pharmacy that offers quality abortion pills to women above 18 years of age, which are accessible over the world.

We quickly ship the products in best condition at doorstep. Our online abortion pill service boasts of reliable customer care, secured transactions, complete medication guide, recent news on abortion, easy pay options, and guaranteed privacy. Once here, you can buy abortion pill online with complete trust. We provide a perfect medical solution to an unwanted pregnancy.
A medical abortion or pregnancy termination is done by administering a combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets. Both are FDA approved for ending early pregnancies. The medicines together play an important role in expelling of pregnancy parts from the femaleís womb. The alternate is surgical method, which uses special instruments to empty the uterus. Before females buy abortion pill online, they must confirm the following:

Gestation below 10 Weeks: Abortion pills can be provided to women below 10 weeks pregnant. Best results are seen, if the tablets are taken within 10 week gestation (70 days). Length of pregnancy is measured by number of days passed since last menstrual period.
Intrauterine Pregnancy: The pregnancy must be in the uterus. Those with extra-uterine pregnancy need to get it removed via surgical option. Continuing such a pregnancy can lead to death.
Medical Abortion - Buy Abortion Pill Online
It can take anywhere from a day or 2 weeks for a woman to end an abortion with tablets. 95% of females experience successful termination in a week, while for some it may take another 7 days to free the tissue or fetal remnants from womb.
Duration of Pregnancy Ending
Firstly, the woman swallows 1 tablet of Mifepristone (200mg) with water. Then a 24 to 48 hours later, she takes 4 Misoprostol tablets (200mcg each) in the cheek pouches, lets them dissolve naturally for half an hour and then consumes the components. Users should not chew or powder the tablets.
Process of Pregnancy Termination
Steps to Take During Abortion
For safety and wellbeing reasons while on abortion pills, the woman has to adhere to few protocols. Refer the section below for details.

Precautions: Women who must not purchase abortion pill online are those smoking more than 10 cigarettes in a day, abnormal adnexal mass, allergic to MTP Kit tablets, over 10 weeks pregnant and more than 35 years of age. The females should not do physically stressful activities. Those with respiratory, hepatic, and renal diseases, must speak to doctor for suitable advise.
Contraindications: Women who cannot take abortion pills include those with disorders of liver, adrenal gland, bleeding, heart, insulin, kidney, breastfeeding, have intra-uterine device placed (get it taken out before termination), using corticosteroid therapy on long term, anticoagulant therapy, high blood pressure, sickle cell anemia, and having inherited porphyria.
Painkillers: Effective painkillers a woman can use are Diclofenac, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, or Paracetamol. Read the medication guide to understand the dosage. Do not take anti-spasmodics, as Misoprostol contracts uterus to push out fetal parts, and anti-spasmodics will interfere this function.
Drug Interactions: Do not take grapefruit as it can increase Mifepristone serum levels. This fallback can also happen if women take medicines such as erythromycin, ketoconazole, or itraconazole. The serum level of progesterone blocking tablet can fall, if combined with dexamethasone, anticonvulsants like phenobarbital, phenytoin, or carbamazepine, St. Johnís Wort, and rifampin. Avoid CYP 3A4 substrates.
The FDA regards medical pregnancy ending as safe, and as one of the reliable techniques to terminate an early pregnancy. Research depicts the success rate of abortion pills as 99.5% in users taking the medicine in first 10 weeks. 97% of women will not require surgical intervention.

Advantages: The benefits of taking abortion pills online are: women able to exercise complete control over the regimen (if done at home), low cost tablets (no spending on travel, hospital visits etc), facility to take the tablets at home, no surgery, and no anesthesia.
Women Feelings: For women, taking decision for abortion can be emotionally relieving or stressful. It is possible the female feels some degree of anger, guilt, happiness, relief, panic etc. In such situations, the individual can seek counseling support or talk to a close one whom she trusts.
Dietary Information: During medical procedure, the woman must not drink alcohol, use drugs or smoke. She can dink liquids and eat food like normal routine, but it is best to avoid greasy meals. Some counter nausea, and diarrhea, so keeping meals light is feasible.
Safety and Efficacy of Abortion Pill
There are two prime medications (Mifepristone and Misoprostol), a person has to use for conducting safe pregnancy termination. Women can even buy MTP kit, which contains the chief medicines required for the regimen.

Mifepristone: Also known as Mifeprex or RU-486, Mifepristone is taken to induce pregnancy termination by restricting progesterone hormone. By causing anti-progesterone mechanism, the medicine stops fetus growth, and detaches it from uterine lining. This widens cervix, and ceases nutritional support to unborn, preparing woman for abortion.
Misoprostol: Misoprostol is a synthetic prostaglandin E1 analogue, used to empty uterus of fetal and pregnancy sections, by contracting the womb. It lets the cervix widen even more and removes the pregnancy contents via blood clots and heavy bleeding.
MTP Kit: MTP Kit is also termed as abortion pill kit, which consists of 1 tablet of Mifepristone (200mg), and 4 tablets of Misoprostol (200mcg each). Women must follow only recommended dosage instructions for positive results.
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